CBD Should Be An Integral Part of Any Self-Care Regimen

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Let’s be honest, millennials know how to live in this modern technological world because they grew up not knowing anything else. Gen-Xers, on the other hand, are quietly busy creating those products and companies that we all use and rely on today (Google, Amazon, and YouTube). Finally, Boomers have amassed a mountain of wealth due to the strong foundations and institutions they laid down for all of us to benefit from. But all 3 generations have embraced technology to help them with one very important life aspect: self-care.

Self-care is not a new concept. Humans have stressed the importance of following self-care procedures for centuries. Additionally, the medical community has been pushing it for decades, especially for heart-failure patients. However, technology, and especially the rise of apps, has made self-care more engaging and interactive.

Obviously, eating well and getting lots of rest are the basics, but we also see supplements being used to enhance a self-care regimen. For example, Cannabidiol (CBD), a very powerful cannabinoid from the cannabis and hemp plants, is well known and documented to bring the body into homeostasis; meaning it should be an integral part of any self-care regimen.

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What is Self Care?

Self-care is the act of taking care of oneself through carefully planned and conscious decision making. It is self-explanatory, and you’d think everyone does it, however, that is not the case. We all have a family member or friend that just can’t stop eating red meat, even though they know their heart can’t handle it. Or, those individuals that can’t kick a habit, even though it has gotten them into so much trouble over the years.

Millennials grew up with the Internet and social media. Knowledge is power, and they are proof of it. From blogs and online documentaries to podcasts and live-streams, information is spread across the globe in seconds. And millennials are taking advantage of this knowledge to improve their lives. There are many popular self-care apps that guide their users to a better life. It’s like having a life-coach always beside you and guiding you. But before we get into that, let’s find out and understand the important role CBD can play in enhancing self-care.

What is CBD?

If you haven’t heard by now, CBD has taken the country by storm. Especially after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the use and cultivation of hemp at a national level. CBD can be extracted from hemp, meaning it is now legal in all 50 states, however, there are some restrictions from the FDA about including it in food products.

So what is the craze regarding CBD? Is it a scam or a fad? According to scientific journals and retail customers, CBD absolutely works and is not a fad. But maybe it is a placebo? That’s another negative, because CBD works at the molecular level, signaling your cells into homeostasis. But how does it do that? Because all invertebrates have an endocannabinoid system, which acts like a biological messaging system; one for the brain/central nervous system (CBR1), and one for the immune system (CBR2).

Scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system when they were researching why THC, the hallucinogenic compound found in cannabis, has the effect it does on its users. Over the years, CBD (and other cannabinoids) were discovered. And although THC only targeted the brain/central nervous system (CBR1), CBD was found to target both CBR1 and the immune system (CBR2). Why is this significant? Because CBD is such a powerful anti-inflammatory. It has been proven that most diseases, mental and physical, are caused by chronic inflammation. So, the administration of CBD counteracts the effects of most diseases. The icing on the cake is that CBD is not a hallucinogenic and will not get you high.

As you can see, CBD can improve a person’s well-being and health, therefore improving the quality of their lives. CBD should be an integral part of any self-care regimen.

How Can CBD Enhance Self-Care?

CBD and self-care go hand-in-hand. The use of CBD will greatly benefit any well-followed self-care plan. Returning to the self-care apps that people are using, the top 3 are Calm, Headspace and 10% Happier.

CBD Allows You To Meditate Better

The apps just mentioned are all meditation apps that remind then guide their users through meditation sessions. But just imagine if you add CBD to that routine. Using CBD 30-45 minutes before meditation will bring the body into homeostasis quickly, meaning a more effective use of your time.

CBD Allows You to Excercise Better

There are countless exercise apps that remind and guide their users through exercise sessions. Users can monitor their weight, their calories, and how much they burned. The hardest aspect of exercise is recovery. Some people recover faster than others, but if you are someone that takes longer to recover, then you are more prone to injury when attempting to exercise on a normal schedule.

CBD is on the rise with athletes because consumers of CBD have attested that it decreases their recovery time dramatically.

CBD Allows You to Sleep Better

Many people suffer from the inability to sleep for long periods of time or suffer from the inability to fall asleep quickly. There are many reasons for this, but it is usually because of anxiety and the mind racing. CBD has an amazing calming effect on the brain and is very popular with people that suffer from anxiety. It naturally signals your body to relax, allowing you to sleep better.

There are many apps out there that monitor our sleep because having a good night sleep means you will be in a better mood the next day, and ready to conquer the world!

CBD Allows You to Build Confidence

Emotional intelligence is what helps you excel in the workplace. It’s the ability to control your emotions and react critically to certain situations. Therefore, being of calm mind and free of anxious thoughts, you will be able to deal better with circumstances, which in turn boosts your confidence levels.

CBD helps calm the mind for so many individuals. What first brought CBD to the mainstream was its use for epilepsy in children. Today, there is still no known cure for epilepsy, however, CBD is able to stop epilepsy attacks. So much so that FDA approved Epidiolex last year, which is a CBD isolate for administration in children with the disease. CBD is not a fad.

CBD Allows You to Socialize Better

We are a social species, whether we are introverts or extroverts, we all need some sort of social interaction. The better interactions we have, i.e. the better we perform in social situations, the better we feel about ourselves, which enhances our self-care. What is the number one cause for underperforming or not performing at all? Self-doubt. Where does that come from? Anxiety. No need to repeat, but CBD kicks anxiety in the butt.

We hope it is clear now why CBD should be an integral part of any self-care regimen. It is able to enhance any self-care plan by multiples compared to not using it. This digital age can be at times hectic, but it also gives us tools to counteract the “always on” life we are all leading. Adding CBD into the mix allows us to calm our minds and body even more.

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