Yes, You Can be Vegan AND Keto – Here’s How

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Despite popular belief, Keto is not just for meat lovers. But how? Is there another source of protein that doesn’t come from animals? Well, cinoa has a lot of protein, but it also has a lot of carbs, so it’s not keto-friendly. Beans are completely out of the picture. So is there a plant-based food that is high in protein and fat? Hemp seeds. The cannabis/hemp plant is such a miracle. It seems to be the answer to everything. So, what is veganism?

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Veganism -Ethical and Healthy

According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Food Labels,

Veganism is a system of dietary and lifestyle practices that seeks to promote health and peace while reducing the suffering of both people and animals Vegans (pronounced vee-guns) are vegetarians who do not eat any foods (eggs, dairy products, meat, etc.) derived from animal sources. Most vegans also do not use products that require for their production the death or suffering of animals, such as leather, tur, wool, and certain cosmetics.

Gale Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Food Labels

Other than the ethical reasons behind a vegan diet, there are some studies claiming that a vegan diet is a healthier one. However, some individuals cannot take the bread, rice, beans and other carbs needed in a vegan diet. The reasons why you need bread and rice is that in order to get a complete protein, you need to combine plant protein and a carbohydrate. For example, rice and beans are a complete protein, so are hummus and bread. Cinoa, however, is a complete protein, but then again, it’s carby! Is there a way to be a vegan without all the carbs? Like with a keto diet.

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Keto – High Protein and High Fat

You cannot get more opposite to a vegan diet than a keto diet. Most sources of both protein and fat come from animals. But what is the science behind a keto diet? Keto is short for ketosis, which is the process of your metabolism going into overdrive. According to the Diet Doctor,

On a ketogenic diet, your entire body switches its fuel supply to run mostly on fat, burning fat 24-7. When insulin levels become very low, fat burning can increase dramatically. It becomes easier to access your fat stores to burn them off. This is great if you’re trying to lose weight, but there are also other less obvious benefits, such as less hunger and a steady supply of energy. This may help keep you alert and focused.

Diet Doctor – A ketogenic diet for beginners

That sounds great, and there is plenty of evidence of this working for many people, however, what if they have ethical reasons for not eating animal products? What can they do? Enter hemp seeds and hemp protein.

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Hemp Seeds – High in Protein & Fat

The 2018 Farm Bill that was passed before the end of 2018 made hemp legal at a national level. So now it is considered an agricultural commodity instead of an illegal and controlled substance.

The Elixinol brand that we carry in the CBD-Online-Store is a whole-food, as in, the product has been minimally processed. These hemp seeds are deshelled through a non-heat process guaranteeing you the maximum nutritional benefit. More importantly, every serving gives you 10 grams of protein and 15 grams of fat! Furthermore, it has less than 1 gram of carbohydrates. Those are perfect numbers for a keto diet, and vegans, they can be comfortable knowing they are getting all this from a plant.

Check it out here. Make sure to buy more than one to get a good discount.

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Hemp Protein Powder – Low Carb Protein Powder

While there are protein powders that are low in carbs, most protein powders have a large carb count. Furthermore, for the purpose of this post, these powders get their protein from animal sources.

We carry an excellent hemp protein powder product from Elixinol. Every serving gives you 16 grams of protein, 3.5 grams of fat, and only 1 gram of net carbs. The fat count can be higher, but you are still getting the right amount, plus the amount of protein you are getting is fantastic!

Most importantly, this hemp protein powder is 100% plant-based and vegan – keeping your ethics and health intact. Check out hemp protein product here, and make sure to buy more than one to get a nice discount.

Hemp is truly a miracle plant. Not only can it be a source of food, but it can be used to make paper, textiles, ropes, biofuel, and bio-plastics. Let’s not forget the very powerful anti-inflammatory, Cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is the reason why we started this site, and we are avid consumers ourselves. The positive reviews and return customers are direct evidence of how well CBD works. If you don’t know what CBD is, you can check out our articles here. If you want to check out our CBD products, check out the shop here. Also, if you have any questions, please contact us here.

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