How to Buy CBD Online

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The best way to buy CBD online is to buy from the CBD Online Store. But isn’t that biased? Of course it is.

We started this site for that exact reason; it is, so to say, in our founding documents. We make sure that all the CBD products are manufactured by reputable companies that adhere to certain standards or even exceed them.

We were so strict, in fact, that we only had one brand in the store, Elixinol, for an entire year. To our knowledge at the time, they were the only ones being transparent in their manufacturing process, while at the same time contributing significantly to the science of CBD and the endocannabinoid system.

Since mid-2019, we began to notice that most CBD companies that have a long term strategy began to adhere to these simple and basic rules.

So let’s get to them.

Hemp is Sourced From a Reputable Source

Not everyone can afford to buy land and cultivate a hemp farm; we understand that. And although that would be our ultimate preference, we understand that if a company is starting out, they need to take it slowly. But, the best option, would be to control the process from seed to table, and we have a few of those brands in the store. (For example, Elixinol, Bloom Hemp, Pachamama)

The next best thing would be to source the hemp from a reputable farm that the CBD company sought out carefully. Then they would extract the CBD from the hemp plants themselves. There are different ways of extracting CBD, such as CO2 extraction or heated air extraction, but its the end result that really matters.

For those companies that are not able to even extract the CBD themselves, it’s a little bit more difficult to trust their dedication to quality. With this strategy, they are merely a marketing company and rely on a “white-label” provider for their CBD products. So, this is not a red flag, but it’s definitely a yellow flag of caution.

3rd Party Laboratory Tests

3rd party lab tests or Certificates of Authenticity (COA) are just that; tests done by an independent 3rd party to show potency and accuracy in labeling. That way you know what you are paying for. Furthermore, these tests show that no pesticides or heavy metals are present.

But a company cannot get away with just testing its first batch, then continue to make CBD products based on their first production line. Companies must continually do testing on each and every batch to ensure transparency and accuracy in their labeling.

Can tests be faked? Sure they can, but that company will not last long because the reviews from users will reflect that. Next, we have customer reviews.

All the CBD products in our CBD store have the COAs for you to check. Most of the companies in the store allow you to scan your label and get that specific batch COA, and those are the ones you want to buy from.

Customer Reviews and Anecdotal Evidence

This is not a show stopper for us in accepting companies – since the industry is so new and there are so many brands. However, it is certainly a plus!

The best marketing is word-of-mouth. When one of our peers or someone we trust has a positive experience with a product, we tend to trust that experience. For us, it gives us that extra push to pursue the brand and get them into the store for our own customers to experience the products.

Buy CBD Online from the CBD Online Store

We pride ourselves on following very strict procedures before onboarding a brand. Just like you would do your own due diligence when seeking out a brand, we do the same thing. Except in our case, we might be privy to more information that you might not have access to.

We have sourced CBD products from over 10 brands. Check out the brands in our store here. Their products range from CBD drops, CBD capsules, CBD buds, CBD gummies, CBD liposomes, CBD vapes, CBD vape juice, CBD creams, and CBD pet treats.

Building the largest and best online CBD store takes dedication and hard work. We want people to buy CBD online with confidence from the best brands backed by 3rd party lab tests. That is our mission and that’s what we will continue to do.

Visit our CBD Store and begin browsing!