The Best CBD Edibles

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As we build upon our “best CBD products” series, one cannot leave out CBD edibles. It is the ultimate CBD delivery method for many reasons. Most importantly that it hides the taste of hemp-extracted CBD oil. Even CBD isolate has a hint of a taste, so edibles in the form of CBD chocolate and CBD gummies are very welcome to those that don’t like that hempy taste.

However, for those that don’t mind the grassy or hempy taste of CBD, there are other edibles, such as CBD drinks, which are extremely effective and potent. Especially when mixed with other ingredients that help enhance the purpose of the formula.

Without further ado, here are the best CBD edibles in the CBD Online Store:

CBD Chocolate | CBD Infused Chocolate

CBD, like THC, is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. And since the THC market is much more mature than the CBD market, and has already been mixing THC with chocolate, it is only natural that the CBD market follow suit.

Chocolate is an essential ally of CBD. Why? Because most people take CBD for its alleged calming and relaxing effects. Chocolate is already known to produce Serotonin, which allows the brain to unwind naturally. Again, making it a typical symbiotic ingredient. Moreover, chocolate is simply delicious, and wonderfully covers up the taste of hemp – for those that don’t like it.

Does that make CBD chocolate the perfect CBD edible?

Grön CBD | CBD Chocolate Edibles

When it comes to specialty chocolates, it’s best to go with a company with outstanding confectionery experience. Grön, a company founded in Oregon in 2015, led the cannabis-infused chocolate market before state legalization in 2016. That said, they set out on an effort to make their specialty chocolates available to a wider audience and are now offering their popular chocolates, but this time infused with CBD. Check out their amazingly popular CBD chocolate products below:

CBD Gummies | CBD Infused Gummies

Using gummies as a medicinal delivery method, in general, is somewhat of a new phenomenon. Even though gummies have been manufactured as candy for over 100 years, they only began to be a medicinal delivery method in 2012.

That change in marketing gummies as an adult product increased the demand for both the gummy and multivitamin markets. Naturally, the ability to infuse vitamins into gummies quickly transitioned to the CBD industry, making them one of the most popular ways to ingest CBD.

Sweat CBD | CBD Gummies

Sweat CBD is one of the first brands to join the CBD Online Store. And while they make many different CBD products, their CBD gummies are very popular, especially their 1000mg CBD gummies. See their products below:

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600MG of CBD / 6 Pieces
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1000MG of CBD / 20 Pieces

Feel Good Edibles | Premium CBD Gummies

We really like brands that specialize in a certain niche or product, because it means that all the company’s efforts are focused in one area. Feel Good Edibles, an incredible company is just that company. They focus only on creating the best CBD gummies in the industry, and the reviews we have received prove that. Browser their amazing CBD edibles below:

CBD Drinks| CBD Edible?

CBD drinks can be specifically classified as a drinkable, however, the drinkable market is still a subset of the edible market. So, how effective can CBD drinks be? Think about it. When infused the right way and mixed with other ingredients, CBD drinks can be extremely effective.

Well, the innovative folks at Nu-X CBD created powerful and potent CBD drinks that are guaranteed to make you feel the they are designed to.

CBD Online Store | CBD Edibles

We’ll continue to bring you the best CBD products by the best CBD brands. The feedback of our customers to “keep ’em coming,” encourages us to seek out and find the best brands that are dedicated to quality and innovation.

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