The Best CBD/CBG Products

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‘Aint it great?

Watching an industry start, evolve, innovate, and explode to the mainstream doesn’t happen very often. But when it happens, it changes society.

Cannabis used to have such a negative connotation in our culture. Of course, after decades of government propaganda, it’s no surprise; but the truth always comes out, despite the systemic war against it.

The cannabis plant is not all about THC – the hallucinogenic cannabinoid found in the plant. However, it was the curiosity of how THC works that made scientists stumble on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). You can find out more about that here.

Understanding the ECS allowed for the study of other cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBN, CBG, and many others. Each cannabinoid has its own strengths, benefits, and purposes for us humans to exploit and use to our benefit.

At the CBD Online Store, we are dedicated to providing the best innovation in CBD products, including combining other cannabinoids, such as CBG.

You can find out more about what CBG, also known as Cannabigerol here. But, let’s see the CBD/CBG products in the CBD Online Store.

Kurativ CBD/CBG Products

Kurativ CBD started with humble beginnings but has really taken the industry by storm. With a dedication to customer service and producing super high-quality products, they are now available in over 100 retail stores. Once we experienced their CBD/CBG products, we were hooked and had to introduce them to everyone.

Their CBD/CBD products are sourced from hemp farmers that they know and trust, and are formulated with the best ingredients. Have a look below:

As you can see, they have CBD/CBG tinctures, creams, and even gummies. Many come with zero THC or THC free versions. Why THC free? Read our article here.

Combining these powerful cannabinoids certainly enhances the products and are a must try.

Bloom Hemp CBD/CBG Products

Bloom Hemp has amazing products, and we are extremely proud to have them in the store. Why? In our opinion, they are the ideal CBD manufacturer. Check out our How to Buy CBD Online to find out why.

They have their own hemp farm, named Bloom Farms, and cultivate the hemp themselves. Not only that, they control every aspect of the manufacturing process. As in, extraction, mixing and packaging. But don’t worry, testing is done by independent 3rd parties for every batch for purity and potency. They have a new line of CBD/CBG products (tinctures) that are just out of this world. Check them out below:

With these CBD/CBG tinctures, you are not just getting verified high-quality cannabinoids, but you are getting ingredients that have been used for centuries. Both are also mixed with the perfect terpenes to enhance their purpose even more! Check out how these terpenes work in unison with cannabinoids for the ultimate experience here.

The CBD Online Store Journey

Watching and being part of this industry is truly rewarding for us. Moreover, focusing on keeping our customers happy and always providing them with the best CBD brands keeps us motivated to continue our mission to improve people’s lives.

The CBD Online Store has become one of the Internet’s largest and best online CBD store, with over 140 CBD products and counting. If you have any recommendations for brands or tips to improve our service. Contact us here.