The Best CBD Liposomes

Before we get into the best CBD liposomes, let’s quickly speak about the current state of the industry.

The CBD industry is constantly growing and innovating. Just yesterday, a serious documentary about the science of CBD, CBD Nation, was released on iTunes – cementing the phenomenon more into the culture.

The sheer amount of companies, investments, and product development is very exciting. From fizzy beverages to chocolates, and even nasal sprays, there is nothing not being infused with CBD.

Sure, the reason is that CBD works for many people, but it is also because the federal government made hemp and all its derivates legal at the end of 2018. Legality, obviously, reduces risks, which attract investments.

Many say that we are still at the beginning stages of the industry and that the boom is yet to come. Other’s believe that a boom cannot happen until the FDA makes up their minds about CBD and finally release a regulatory framework. Whichever one it is, one thing is clear: people love it and so do entrepreneurs.

Liposomal CBD

Speaking of entrepreneurs and innovation, liposomal technology, even though it is high tech, has been around for a few years. Companies like Elixinol really pioneered the idea with their liposomal CBD oil. They also helped educate the public about the importance of liposomes and how they work.

In a nutshell, it’s difficult to get substances into our bodies efficiently. The term used to describe if a delivery method gets CBD into your system efficiently is called bioavailability. An example of a very high bioavailability delivery method is smoking or vaping. That’s because the lungs absorb the substance, which the immediately enters the bloodstream.

There is a varying degree of bioavailability in delivery methods, ones that are lowest are the ones that have to go into the gastrointestinal system, such as CBD edibles – except for liposomes.

Why you may ask? Liposomes are tiny fat cells that the CBD is injected in. These fat cells protect the CBD from the gastrointestinal system, then deliver them nicely into your soft tissue. Liposomal CBD is high bioavailability – meaning you are getting almost entirely the dose you digested.

CBD Lipsomes | Chewable Tablets

It’s not every day that a world’s first comes along. Enter Future Pharm, an innovative health and wellness company that invented the first liposomal CBD chewable tablet. These tablets are very impressive. Not only do they deliver, 30MG of CBD isolate (Zero THC), but with an average particle distribution of 165 nanometers, your body will get much of that dose.

Future Pharm also has a CBD liposomes tincture, which infuses Farm Bill compliant full-spectrum hemp-extract into nanotechnology liposomes. Again, for those that can’t and don’t want to inhale smoke or vapor, but still want to experience a high dosage, these CBD liposomes are definitely candidates to try.

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