The Best Delta 8 Products

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The Delta 8 THC market is beginning to blow up, but it lends credit to the success of CBD and other cannabinoids.

When you free up a market — which is what the Farm Bill of 2018 did for the Hemp industry — you get an extreme amount of innovation and competition. In the end, the winner is definitely always the consumer, which is left with products that work very well at competitive prices.

The Hemp industry is no exception to this economic rule, producing health products using different cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. For instance, there has been a plethora of companies and products utilizing the benefits of CBD and innovating different and creative ways of getting it into our bloodstream.

Most recently, the mixing of different cannabinoids, such as CBN and CBG, were used in conjunction with CBD to enhance different effects and moods.

Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is a close cousin of the highly controversial Delta 9 THC. To be “Farm Bill Compliant,” your products must not contain more than .3% of Delta 9 THC. What’s the big deal about Delta-8?

It is 100% hemp-derived (meaning federally legal) while at the same time intoxicating. However, its effects are very different and distinct from Delta-9; some users reporting a more “clear-head,” “no paranoia,” and “no grogginess.”

Overall, Delta 8 THC is a good cannabinoid to help alter your mood, especially when combined with CBD and other ingredients.

Here are the best Delta 8 THC products in the CBD Online Store:

Delta 8 Capsules

When it comes to capsules, they are known to be on the low-end of bioavailability. But a company named CBD Is Better has changed all that. They manufacture these amazing AND vegan CBD capsules for all occasions. You can check them out here.

They applied this technology to infusing Delta-8, and many are happy that they did. These potent Delta 8 gelcaps have 25mg of D8 each.

Of course, lab-tested, verified, and vetted by us. These are high-quality Delta 8 capsules.

Delta 8 Tinctures

Tinctures are always a good way to get healthy ingredients into our bodies. For our case, CBD tinctures are a very popular way to mix CBD with other known beneficial ingredients, while also masking the taste of hemp. That said, adding natural terpenes to tinctures, really expands the taste pallet of the product. Check out these ones from CBD FTP here, and choose from over 10 terpene flavors.

Lucky for fans of Delta 8 THC, the technology has gotten a lot better in the ability to infuse cannabinoids. These particular Delta 8 tinctures are modestly priced and contain 1000MG of Delta-8.

The D8 market is beginning to explode, so we’ll see a lot more tinctures enter the market.

Delta 8 Gummies

“A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down” sings the ever so wise Mary Poppins. No wonder why gummies are so popular. They allow healthy ingredients enter our bodies but accompanied by a sweet chewy taste.

CBD gummies have done very well in the industry, especially zero THC gummies or combining CBD and CBG also do well.

But we have some really special Delta 8 gummies that are potent and contain ingredients to enhance their stated purpose.

Each gummie contains 25mg of 100% hemp-derived D8. All 3rd party lab tested, vetted and verified.

Delta 8 Buds

CBD buds have been a huge hit, with a fivefold growth prediction over the next few years.

CBD buds are certain strains of hemp flower that contain a high percentage of CBD.

With the rise in popularity of Delta 8 THC, cultivators are beginning to make strains that have a high percentage of D8. The market is currently (11/25/2020) in its infancy, but get ready to see many more strains come on to the market very soon.

These are 100% hemp flower, and 100% Farm Bill compliant.

Delta 8 Vapes

There is a lot of controversy over vaping, in general. However, they are still one of the best ways of getting substances, like CBD into your bloodstream. So, it’s only natural that we have Delta 8 vapes being released into the market.

These ones contain 1000MG of Delta 8 THC and are tested at 81.2% D8 potency.

The cartridges should fit any regular 510 thread battery. They are also compatible with these here.

We are not lawyers, so do not take this as legal advice. Always consult your lawyer about legality issues.

That said, the Farm Bill made the extraction of all cannabinoids from hemp federally legal. However, some states have explicitly banned D8, even if it is hemp-derived. We do not ship Delta 8 to those states.

Currently, as of the date of this writing (11/25/2020), the states of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah have made Delta-8 illegal.

Future of D8

The Delta 8 market is growing very quickly, and we at the CBD Online Store want to bring the best and most innovative products in the hemp industry to our customers. We are dedicated to finding the highest quality products from transparent and responsible brands.

The CBD Online Store is the largest and best online CBD Store. Buy CBD online with confidence from the best brands backed by 3rd party lab tests.