The Best Disposable CBD Vape Pens

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By now, CBD, the non-intoxicating non-hallucinogenic cannabinoid has gone mainstream. Despite not having any guidance from government regulators, the hemp industry has done a good job in regulating itself. Sure, scams still abound, but if you want any longevity in this industry, you must build a transparent and reliable brand. That means adhering to high standards, such as sourcing hemp from one source, and testing every batch of extracted cannabinoids.

So, it’s not just about CBD anymore. Many companies are mixing in other cannabinoids, like CBG and CBN. Delta 8, or “weed light,” has also begun to rise in popularity. There is also a plethora of delivery methods, for example, tinctures, capsules, gummies, creams, smokes, buds, and vapes. From our data, vapes are the most popular delivery method for CBD and D8, most probably because they are potent and act quickly.

Let’s see the difference between non-disposable and disposable CBD vape pens.

Non-Disposable Vs. Disposable CBD Vape Pens

There are normal CBD cartridges, meaning that you have to have a compatible vape pen, like this one:

This particular vape pen, pre-heats the CBD and D8 vape cartridges to guarantee a good smooth hit. Since the CBD and D8 cartridges are in raw form, they tend to clog a little, so having the option to pre-heat is extremely helpful.

Check out our most popular CBD vape cartridge, the X2 here.

ECO Therapy CBD

You know you have an amazing product when you win the High Times Hemp Cup 2020 – Best CBD Vape Pen Award.

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And ECO Therapy CBD, did just that. These disposable CBD vape pens are one of the best we ever tested out. The different tastes and blends are fantastic, including the CBD potency.

These particular disposable CBD vape pens come in 3 different formulas:

  • Revive. Elevate Your Moment. Uplifting cannabinoids and terpenes bring focused, creative energy, breathing new life into your routine. Ingredient list: Full-spectrum CBD oil, Orange Oil, Sage, Ginseng, Vitamin B12, Limonene, Pinene, Humulene
  • Relax. Find Your Now. A calming blend of essential oils, cannabinoids, and terpenes creates a tranquil consistency throughout the course of your day. Ingredient list: Full-spectrum CBD oil, Chamomile, Ginger, Green Tea Extract, Bisabolol, Neral/Citral, Caryophyllene
  • Rest: Direct Your Dreams. This fusion of essential oils, vitamins, and terpenes helps achieve a new understanding of sweet dreams. Ingredient list: Full-spectrum CBD oil, Lavender, Kava, Melatonin, Linalool, Eucalyptol

Only High Quality Hemp Products

The CBD Online Store only sources the best 100% hemp-derived and Farm Bill compliant cannabinoid products. That includes products infused with CBD, CBN, CBG, and Delta 8. The more we find out about the hemp plant and its different cannabinoids and their effects, the more of these products will come to market.

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