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The Future of Vaping Hemp Flower

The best thing about technological development is that it continues to evolve and make our lives easier and more fun. Technology is a tool that humanity uses to improve our circumstances, and of course, that’s going to eventually apply to vaping hemp flower.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been attempts at creating hemp flower vaping devices, but sometimes there comes along a company that revolutionizes and disrupts a market. That company is E1011 Labs, which ingeniously invested and created the Elon vape device and the Elon hemp flower stems.

The Elon Vape Device

The Elon vape battery is a beautiful, sleek, and amazingly functioning device. Words cannot describe the experience of how well it burns hemp flower, how perfect the hit is, and how clean the experience is. It is so high-tech that you can pause your current session by blowing air into the device’s opening. It only takes 45 minutes to charge the Elon device and it lasts for about 15 sessions. It is designed to perfectly heat up the hemp flower allowing it to release the cannabinoids and terpenes without any harmful combustion.

This amazing hemp flower vape battery can cleanly burn several CBD-focused hemp flower strains – one designed to uplift you and the other to relax you. A Delta 8 stem is also available and has gotten great reviews.

Elon Hemp Flower Stems

When you create something as innovative as the Elon device, you need to also create the corresponding product to work alongside it. The Elon hemp flower stems were ultimately designed to fit and perform at a level unparalleled by other methods or devices. When you take that first hit, you will understand. Again, words cannot define the experience.

Just know that you are getting the full experience of the hemp flower blend and what it is designed to do without any harmful byproducts of combustion.

The Elon stems come in both Relax and Uplift formulas. Both use pure, potent, and precise ingredients that are packed with premium, cannabinoid-potent flower. Plus, the Elon device heats it up perfectly making sure you get the maximum benefits of the stems. It really is an unbelievable experience and a testament to how technology can improve our lives.

Delta 8 Stems

Everyone loves CBD-focused hemp flower for its ability to help many of us relax and remain focused and calm. Many of us, though, love the effects of Delta 8. That’s why we also provide the Arise D8 stems. Taking advantage of the perfect burning effect of the Elon vape device, you will absolutely love these stems.

These have been getting some amazing reviews and are extremely popular. The burn delivered by the Elon device is uncomparable. It’s clean, potent, and long-lasting. What else can you ask for?

The Future of Smoking Hemp Flower

Technically, vaping is not smoking, but it has the same end result. Delivering CBD, D8, or any cannabinoid to the lungs is the quickest and most efficient way of getting it into your system. No need to dodge the gastrointestinal system – it pretty much goes straight into your bloodstream.

Hemp flower is usually smoked through blunts, cigarettes, or by packing a bowl. There are also some vape batteries that you can pack with flower, but they do not come close to the performance of the Elon device and stems. With the increased popularity of the device, we should be seeing more innovative hemp flower flavors with different cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavors.

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