Sugar has manufactured hemp pre-rolls into delicious filtered hemp cigarettes (also known as CBD cigarettes). Their products have ZERO tobacco and are nicotine free. Every stick is rich in cannabinoids, with over 1000mg of CBD per pack. Here are some reasons why these are considered the best CBD Cigarettes.

Each cigarette contains premium American-grown hemp selected for potency, taste, and smoothness. Stems are seeds are sifted out before the hemp is sent to production. In our flavored lines, we utilize our proprietary flavoring infusion technique. Independent 3rd party lab tests are performed on each product for heavy metals and pesticides, adhering to California’s strict testing standards. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in CRÈME products, no compromises, period.

Sweet Tips™ are CRÈME’s signature component. These charmingly sweet filters complement the natural aroma of hemp to create a first-class flavor profile. Our goal is to create the best hemp cigarette experience because no one else stepped up to the plate.

One of the things that makes Sugar different is their attention to detail. Their hemp cigarettes are wrapped to an ideal density so that they won’t burn too quickly, won’t come loose, and offer an ultra-smooth drag.

Our team truly believes that you’ll enjoy our artisan CRÈME CBD cigarettes. Check them out below.

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Showing all 2 results