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Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops

  • 0% THC
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in USA
  • No Pesticides
  • Laboratory Tested
  • Choose from Natural (COA) or Peppermint (COA) flavors
  • Chooses from 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, 750mg, or 1500mg
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CBD Drops from Oliver’s Harvest

Oliver’s Harvest Full-Spectrum CBD drops are available in two flavors and three strengths so you can choose the best full-spectrum oil for your wellness needs. These full-spectrum hemp oils contain a wide assemblage of phytonutrients from plants, including naturally-occurring cannabinoids to enhance the effects of CBD and promote a healthy mind and body balance. Because they use full-spectrum oil, you get the benefits of these natural components working together with a range of terpenes and flavonoids to generate what’s known as the entourage effect.

By promoting a healthy endocannabinoid system, continued use of full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures may:

  • Help maintain healthy joints
  • Support a healthy inflammatory response
  • Help regulate sleep cycles
  • Reduce stress and anxiousness
  • Promote a healthy digestion

What CBD Tincture Strength to Choose:

  • 150mg (serving 10mg/mL): If you are new to CBD but would like to experience the entourage effect, this low strength oil is for you.
  • 300mg (serving 10mg/mL): This moderate strength is an excellent option for relatively new users looking to for stronger effects.
  • 600mg (serving 20mg/ml): For those with more experience with CBD and understand their body’s reaction, this potent tincture is for you.

CBD Oil Drops Instructions:

  1. Shake well before usage
  2. Squeeze the dropper to fill it with oil.
  3. Next, place half a dropper of CBD oil under your tongue.
  4. Once you have placed the CBD oil under your tongue, hold for 30-90 seconds before swallowing.
  5. Use twice daily.

CBD Drops | Additional Information:

Oliver’s Harvest full-spectrum oil contains a unique full-spectrum cannabinoid extract that cannot be found within any other CBD product in the market. Depending on your physiology, you may desire to increase the frequency of your servings to suit your personal needs.

We recommend starting with the suggested serving twice a day for three weeks before making adjustments. Increase your servings by one additional serving per day, allowing two additional weeks to note any change in effect. If, after increasing your serving frequency, you find you desire more, you may increase your serving size as well. We suggest doing so in 0.25 ml increments. We recommend that you pay attention to your body and how it responds to Oliver’s Harvest product and let those observations be your guide.

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