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SWEAT CBD Oil is a 100% natural, full spectrum CBD oil. This CBD tincture 1000mg is grown and manufactured in California, and 3rd party lab tested for purity and potency. SWEAT CBD contains no synthetic terpenes or pesticides and provides the most reliable and most immediate results for everything from anxiety to post-workout recovery.

  • 30ml glass bottle contains 1000mg of pure CBD oil
  • Designed with exercise and recovery in mind
  • The best pre and post workout remedy
  • 3rd party lab tested and verified

You can check out the 3rd party lab test here.

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Sweat CBD – Wellness Consulting

This CBD Tincture 1000mg  is produced by Sweat CBD, which is a full spectrum CBD that is grown and manufactured in California by a trusted manufacturer. They work with the manufacturer hand-in-hand to guarantee that this is a product they would take themselves and give to their families. This product is 3rd party lab tested showing its quality, purity, and potency. From farm to factory they are so proud of the product that they have created and the results that follow.

Sweat CBD work closely with medical professionals to have in-depth research and development done. They also work with an in house chemist and R & D team to bring you a 100% natural product. They use state of the art methods to extract the product, without using any synthetic chemicals carefully. Sweat CBD maintains a strict no GMO policy that their expert team stands by to bring you a clean and potent product.

To make our Full Spectrum CBD they utilize a whole plant CBD extraction that allows them to draw the CBD plant from the plant material and filter out unnatural substances, maximizing pure CBD concentration and potency.

Sweat CBD is created with hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, and coconut oil (MCT).

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer international shipping for the time being, since many countries are confiscating shipments. We hope in the future that CBD is recognized by other governments for its incredible medicinal benefits, but for now, we are unable to fulfill international orders. We will update this policy when things change. Thank you for your interest.


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