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This is the latest cannabidiol (CBD) full spectrum hemp oil formula, called Respira. Respira is extremely versatile. It can be consumed by drops under the tongue or by using a vape pen. This is the most advanced CBD formula found anywhere and is an excellent supplement to your diet.

  • 300 mg CBD oil placed in a 0.5oz (15ml) tincture
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG) CBD supplement
  • Kosher VG!
  • No PG, PEG, or other harmful substances usually found in other products
  • Complete Hemp Plant extract
  • A full range of cannabinoids from full-spectrum hemp oil

We do have a Grape Mint flavor of Respira if you prefer that. You can find it here.

Want proof of the quality? Check out the certificate of analysis. If you are more comfortable buying straight from Elixinol for any reason, click here.


Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

Respira contains the highest-quality and purest form of hemp oil available. Each 0.5oz (15 ml) tincture bottle has 300 mg of CBD suspended in vegetable glycerin (VG) with a neutral flavor.

Respira is full-spectrum hemp oil with highly potent doses of CBD. Respira is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. You can either put drops under your tongue, use it in your CBD vape pen, or use it as an ingredient in your food. Either way, you decide to use it, you will be receiving a high concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids. Our unique formula enhances the effect of CBD by combining the correct amounts of other cannabinoids –giving you the best CBD delivery system anywhere.

CBD Oil Formula

The CBD oil formula is suspended in organic (and Kosher!) VG (vegetable glycerin) with no harmful substances, like PG and PEG. Furthermore, our tinctures contain full-spectrum hemp oil, meaning you are getting doses of other beneficial cannabinoids.

These cannabinoids, mixed in the right way, enhance and support the medicinal effects and properties of CBD. This sets us apart from other CBD concentrates. So, you are getting a high quality and highly beneficial CBD oil. If you would like a flavored version of this tincture, you can try the grape/mint flavor here.

Although CBD is increasingly being recognized for its medicinal value, some countries are not clear on their stance regarding its legality. The CBD-Online-Store cannot be held responsible for any customs or duty issues that might arise because of your order. And, under no circumstance will a refund be given for such a reason. You are agreeing to this condition before ordering this product. Please note that for international orders, we charge a flat fee of $50, and only ship with a secure carrier that requires a signature. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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4 reviews for CBD Tincture (Respira) -Hemp Oil 300mg – Natural Flavor CBD Oil

  1. kazmology

    I heard so much about CBD that I had to try it. I had issues with anxiety and also had skin issues. I read all the research about CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects, then decided on Elixinol’s Respira from the CBD-Online-Store.

    I was really excited when I got the Respira and tried it when I started to feel “off”. Unbelievably, it did the trick. Nothing ever worked before. Moreover, it began to get rid of my psoriasis. Just like the research said, it reduced inflammation and brought my body (and mind) back to homeostasis.

    The prices on this site are also heavily discounted. Thank you CBD-Online-Store!

  2. Max

    CBD really works. And I love the fact that it doesn’t get you “high”. It just works. I usually put half a tincture under my tongue but have tried using it as a vape juice, and it works amazingly well. Elixinol is a large company with great products, and the CBD-Online-Store has some great pricing! I highly recommend this product.

  3. Kathryn K.

    These were the first CBD tinctures I tried. And while it says it can be used for vaping, I put it under my tongue. Is it weird that I live the natural flavor? Well, it works. Thanks CBD-Online-Store!

  4. Debra W.

    These cbd tinctures are my go to. I can use them under my tongue, in my food, or when in my vape. However, vaping the same amount that I put under my tongue takes like a few days. So, not sure what that means. I just put under my tongue, and voila, I feel amazing. I really love the Respira brand. Thanks cbd-online-store!

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