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Grape Berry Vape Juice

Note: This product is intended for use in refillable e-liquid devices.

Luxuriate in the sophisticated flavor of vine-ripened grapes blended with an assortment of sweet and sour berries.

This THC-free, CBD isolate vape provides a rapid and efficient way to benefit from nature’s herbs. At work, during activity and while recovering, receive the holistic benefits of CBD with ease throughout the day.

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CBD Vape Juice from Pachamama

Patented Air Extraction

This high-quality vape juice from Pachamama is extracted in a unique way. The distinguished method applied to begin crafting their full-spectrum products requires only heated air. Using a solvent-free extraction process with a global portfolio of 85 pending patents, they create the cleanest extracts on the market today.

This process works by directly distilling cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes from the surface of the cannabis plant through a precise burst of heated air and pressure. Leaving no chance for chemical exposure to the hemp at any point, this results in a rich, unadulterated extract with a smooth, natural flavor.

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