CBD Vape Pen – 200Mg of Total Cannabidiol

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CBD Vape Pen (200mg)

CBD vape pens are an excellent, convenient, and discreet way of getting your daily CBD dosage through inhalation. Choose from many different flavors and find what satisfies your taste buds! 200mg of CBD in each CBD vape pen will deliver the full effects of CBD within minutes!

Choose between Blue Raspberry (COA), Mango (COA), Spearmint (COA), and Natural (COA) flavors.

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Disposable CBD Vape Pen

There are just three (3) ingredients to make our CBD Vapor Pen solution. CBD isolate, natural terpenes (flavor), and MCT coconut oil. The MCT coconut oil was heated up to remove fats and lipids before mixing in the CBD and the terpenes. We believe this is the best liquid to use for the Vapor Pens. Other vapes on the market may use propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), which may not be safe to smoke and inhale.

Thrive Flower offers four (4) flavors to choose from. These are: Blue Raspberry, Mango, Spearmint, and Natural.

Blue Raspberry bursts with that familiar, fruity flavor many of us have come to know and love. The flavor is not overwhelming so you can take a puff or two and just enjoy the flavor from the moment you inhale to the moment you exhale.

Mango is a more subtle flavor, but you recognize the sweetness immediately.

Spearmint packs a modest minty punch that tickles your taste buds. Some liken it to the flavor of menthol. The flavor is refreshing and relaxing.

The Natural flavor comes from the cannabis strain – Dosidos. It is a pretty neutral flavor that does not leave much of an aftertaste in your mouth.

Each Thrive Flower CBD Vapor Pen comes with 200mg of CBD isolate for your enjoyment. CBD isolate is 99.55% pure CBD. You can look at the lab-results here. There is no THC in these pens whatsoever. So, if drug tests are a concern of yours, no need to worry. CBD will not test positive for a THC drug analysis. We verify our pens contain 200mg of CBD and no THC with lab tests.

When inhaled, CBD has a higher absorbency rate than other consumption methods like edibles or topicals. This is because the lungs have a high surface area with direct contact to the bloodstream. Effects will begin immediately when inhaled, but they tend to not last as long as edibles.

To use a Thrive Flower CBD Vape Pen, place the metal end with a hole in the middle to your lips. Purse your lips to create an airtight seal. Inhale slowly and steady – the bottom light should glow green while you inhale to indicate the battery is on. Inhale fully into your lungs, then exhale – there is no need to hold in the smoke as all the CBD is absorbed right away. Wait about 45 seconds between puffs to keep the battery fresh.

Each puff contains about 1-2mg of CBD. This may not seem like a lot, but as we mentioned, when inhaling CBD has a relatively high absorbency rate. We suggest starting with 1-3 puffs then waiting about 1-2 hours before trying more. This will give your body time to fully feel the effects and allow you to develop an understanding of how a dose of CBD, when inhaled, will affect you.

If you should ever experience any issues with your Thrive Flower CBD Vape Pen, contact us here and we are more than happy to help you out! The Vapor Pens are the most troublesome product we have because of the electrical components. The most frequent issues include:

  • Vape solution leaking out of the pen
  • Battery dying quickly
  • Producing no smoke

These are not very common, but if anything does go wrong with your pen or you feel it is not working properly, we are here to help.

CBD Vape Pen Cartridge Instructions

To use this CBD vape pen correctly, purse your lips around the mouthpiece to form an airtight seal. Inhale firmly for 5-7 seconds or until the vaporize automatically turns off. Allow the vape to cool for 45 seconds between puffs. Use within 45 days for the best results.


Fractionated Coconut (MCT) Oil, 200mg CBD isolate, Terpenes

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