Hemp Seeds – Whole-Food Vegan Plant Protein – 8 oz


These hemp seeds are naturally deshelled using a no-heat process guaranteeing that you can take advantage of all their nutritional benefits. These seeds are “whole-food” products, meaning that they are processed and refined as little as possible giving you the full benefits found in hemp seeds. They taste nutty, have an amazing crunch, and best of all: vegan.

We know the many benefits of the hemp plant, but these hemp seeds are filled with the following:

  • Quality vegan plant protein
  • Omega 3
  • Omega 6

Every hemp seed serving (30 grams) provides you with 10 grams of vegan plant-based protein and 11 grams of Omegas (3 &6), which is more than Chia and Flax Seed. Sprinkle these delicious and nutritious hemp seeds onto your salads, cereals, smoothies, and desserts. Buy more than one for a great discount. Lastly, if you are more comfortable buying straight from Elixinol, for any reason, click here.

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Hemp Seeds Product Details

Here is what you are getting when you purchase this product from the CBD-Online-Store:

  • 8oz (224 grams) of organic (vegan) de-shelled hemp seeds, or around 8 servings per pack (buy more than one and save!)
  • 11 grams of omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids
  • 180 calories per serving, of which 140 calories are from fat (Keto friendly!)
  • A no-heat deshelling process to retain all nutritional benefits
  • Opaque packaging to protect from spoiling, therefore lasting you longer

Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Just like the cannabinoids found in hemp plants that we are all familiar with, hemp seeds are also beneficial in their own right. They contain essential amino acids and are known to cause fewer allergies than other seed products.

Packed with Essential Fatty Acids

Omega 3 and Omega 6 are called “essential” fatty acids because they cannot be produced by humans. However, they are essential in maintaining a healthy immune system, optimum brain function, and naturally lowering blood pressure. These organic and vegan hemp seeds provide 11 grams of essential fatty acids in every 30-gram serving! That’s not a joke. Furthermore, every serving contains virtually zero carbohydrates (Keto!), zero sugar, zero cholesterol, and zero salts (sodium). It doesn’t get better than that. Oh wait, it does.

Additionally, every serving gives you (check out the label in the images above):

  • Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, and E
  • Minerals: Magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, zinc & iron.
  • Salts: Potassium

Vegans, Vegetarians, Paleo, and Keto Dieters

It can be very difficult for vegans, vegetarian, and paleo dieters to get their daily intake of protein, but these hemp seeds give you 10 grams of protein per 30-gram serving. Furthermore, for you keto dieters out there, hemp seeds have zero carbohydrates and full of fat; just in case you wanted to take a few days off of (close your eyes vegans) animal meat.

Hemp seeds are a superfood for a reason. These particular seeds from Elixinol are of the highest quality and are subject to strict processes that guarantee a product that is organic and that retains all of its original nutritional benefits. Purchase through us, or, if you are more comfortable buying straight from Elixinol, for any reason, click here.

Although CBD is increasingly being recognized for its medicinal value, some countries are not clear on their stance regarding its legality. The CBD-Online-Store cannot be held responsible for any customs or duty issues that might arise because of your order. And, under no circumstance will we give a refund for such a reason. You are agreeing to this condition before ordering this product. Please note that for international orders, we charge a flat fee of $50, and only ship with a secure carrier that requires a signature. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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