5 Reasons to Be Thankful for CBD this Thanksgiving

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We really take for granted the age we live in; this age of convenience. We shop online, get free delivery, and find the answer to any question in the blink of an eye. We communicate with loved ones thousands of miles away and watch 360-degree videos of visits to Antarctica. Every day we hear about new scientific discoveries and advancements that propel humanity to the stars.  But, do we ever stop and be thankful? Thankful for this civilization of abundance and convenience?

What we should really be thankful for is the ability to enjoy the healing properties of an ancient plant making a come back from prohibition: cannabis/hemp, or more specifically, cannabidiol (CBD). This Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate these 5 reasons to be thankful for CBD.

Thankful for CBD Healing Epilepsy

For many years, Epilepsy in children has been a mystery. In fact, there has not been any modern treatment that is able to help stop epileptic episodes from happening. However, CBD has always been shown to stop most episodes from ever occurring. If it wasn’t for this healing power of CBD, mother’s pushing for its legalization, and empathizing politicians, we would have never seen the legalization of medical cannabis in this country –or the world. For that reason, we are thankful for CBD healing Epilepsy.

Thankful for CBD Easing Anxiety

Anxiety is another ailment that modern medicine is not able to fix without bad side-effects. Take for example the “fine print” we see and hear in pharmaceutical commercials on TV and Radio. Who wants to risk any of that? CBD is shown to naturally help ease the effects of anxiety. It has been the subject of many scientific studies, available in official scientific journals, which we have shown here. For that, we are thankful for CBD easing anxiety for many individuals.

Thankful for CBD Healing our Pets

For many years, our pets shared our access to modern medicine. And for the most part, they benefitted greatly. But they are vulnerable to pharmaceuticals for the same reasons that we are and are prone to the same (or worse) side-effects. There is a reason why we are so close to our pets. For one thing, we share many of the same genes. We also share the Endocannabinoid System (ES). This same system is why CBD and other cannabinoids work naturally with our bodies. For more information on CBD and the ES, read more here. And to give your pet the gift of healing, shop here for these CBD Pet Treats.

Thankful for CBD Healing Psoriasis/Eczema

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory, so it only makes sense to try and use it on skin inflammations such as psoriasis and eczema. Although we haven’t seen any scientific studies done as of yet, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence seen from everyday people. These individuals report that their psoriasis is gone after 6 weeks of applying a CBD infused skin cream, such as this CBD Topical Balm.

Thankful for CBD Speeding Up Athletic Recovery

The sports industry is always trying to take advantage of modern techniques to increase speed, agility, and strength. Athletes are extremely competitive and love to win. So, if that win is in the form of a pill or shake, they are taking it.

CBD is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, and athletes are reporting that it does wonders for post-workout muscle recovery. No wonder that there is an entire industry now growing with CBD infused shakes and pills to help speed up recovery. For that reason, we are thankful for CBD speeding up athletic recovery. If you want the purest most potent CBD Capsules, check out these ones in the store. This one from Sweat CBD was designed with recovery in mind. Check it out here.

There are many other reasons to be thankful for CBD, but we found the above to be the most prevalent. This Thanksgiving, be thankful for the activists and politicians working to decriminalize and legalize a plant that has been with us for centuries. And be thankful to the researchers and scientists progressing the healing effects of cannabinoids, such as CBD. Be thankful that we live in a country that laws are changed because of the will of the voters. And for that, we are thankful to the American people. Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

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Disclaimer: This article does not give any medical advice, but is communicating general publicly available knowledge about cannabidiol (CBD). Always consult your doctor before stopping, changing, or altering your daily medical regimen. 

Psoriasis and Other Skin Issues SOLVED – How Cannabidiol (CBD) Heals Your Skin

Psoriasis, CBD for Psoriasis, CBD Topical Balm, CBD Skin Cream

When a product becomes so hyped up, it’s often just hot air. But when it comes to cannabidiol (CBD), that is not the case. Why? Because there is actual science researching its effects. And while many people have personal experience with CBD, myself included, the rest of us like to see proof. The scientific method offers us the best proof possible, but let me first tell you about my psoriasis. Bottom line: I had psoriasis for over 20 years, and nothing worked. Nothing. But CBD completely eradicated it. I wish I took pictures, however, I have friends and family members who have witnessed the transformation.

At one point, my psoriasis was so bad that it looked like a flesh-eating bacteria. It was embarrassing wearing shorts. And in the hot and dry southern California weather, shorts are a must. That said, I started trying out CBD products at the beginning of this year (2018). But it was mostly for mild anxiety, and it worked better than anything else I have ever tried. So all the research of it being a powerful anti-inflammatory were true!

I was heavily into CBD research. One of the most recent research done this year was on schizophrenia– a severe mental illness debilitating many individuals and lacking any true remedies. The research concluded:

These findings suggest that CBD has beneficial effects in patients with schizophrenia. As CBD’s effects do not appear to depend on dopamine receptor antagonism, this agent may represent a new class of treatment for the disorder.

psoriasis, cbd for psoriasis, cbd topical balm, cbd skin cream

How CBD Works

It is now an accepted fact that most diseases originate from inflammation. Headaches, muscle pain, epilepsy, anxiety, cancer, and auto-immune diseases. EVERYTHING stems from inflammation. And this is where CBD comes in.

CBD naturally signals our bodies in multiple ways to decrease inflammation and encourages homeostasis. The science is conclusive and exhaustive, but for a quick summary:

  • After studying why THC has such a powerful psychoactive effect on humans, researchers discovered the Endocannabinoid System.
  • The Endocannabinoid System (ES) is found in all invertebrates.
  • The ES consists of two cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2
  • CB1 is found in the central nervous system (brain). THC targets this receptor.
  • CB2 is found in blood cells and the immune system.
  • CBD is found (targets) both CB1 and CB2 receptors, hence the benefits for using it for mental and auto-immune disease therapy.
  • CBD sends signals to our cells to reduce inflammation and get into balance (homeostasis)

That is a very oversimplified explanation of how CBD works. I just want you to know that there is real science behind the experiences. So when I tell you that this CBD topical cream cleared up my psoriasis, I am not pulling your leg. Is it a sales pitch? Partly. Will you benefit? Definitely.

**Update: New Extra Strength CBD Topical Cream available in the store with double the CBD**

Not all CBD Products Are Created Equal

As in all free market economies, one must practice personal responsibility and take measures themselves to assure quality. We don’t want the government overregulating this industry, or else we will have monopolies as we do in other government regulated industries.

Just this week, the FDA approved Epidiolex, a big-pharma drug made mostly of CBD. The FDA also asked the DEA to reschedule the drug (Epidolex specifically, not CBD) as a Schedule V drug. That means all the other CBD products out there are still classified as Schedule I drugs since they didn’t pay 100s-of-thousands-of-dollars in government fees and bureaucracy to get approved. See where we are going with this?

Nonetheless, do your own due diligence and make sure that the CBD products you buy have been tested and verified by independent 3rd party laboratories. The CBD Online Store makes sure that all our CBD products come from manufacturers that can provide this information to us. So far, only Elixinol has passed our strict procedures. But we are looking at others. Make sure to check out our products and contact us if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: We are not medical doctors, so make sure you ask your physician before beginning or changing any regimen, as it may affect your current medication. CBD is a powerful compound and will interfere with your current medication.