The Best CBD Creams

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What is it that makes the best CBD creams? By now you have probably been inundated with so many CBD brands claiming the Sun and the Moon. But that’s what happens when a new industry is legalized; it opens up the floods of investment, innovation, and above all else: competition.

For you, the consumer, this is a great thing, because you will end up with the best products possible. Why? Because the market is the ultimate arbiter of truth. Nobody can get away with being a con for too long, and the market will eventually consolidate and you will be left with a lot fewer players than originally started, but they will all be the best money and human talent can create.

That said, we at the CBD Online Store are trying to do our best at being the facilitator, not the arbiter, of truth. We can try our best onboarding exceptional brands to the store, but you, the customer, are the ultimate decision-makers. The determining factor for this article will be a mix of overall sales, customer reviews, and our own experience.

So, let’s get to it, these are the best CBD creams in the CBD Online Store:

Elixinol CBD Topical Balms

Earlier this year, Elixinol went through a complete rebranding and overhaul of their product line-up. They have been around for a very long time and their products are one of the best out there. Their original CBD cream, which is still the same formula but redesigned, was a huge success in our store. It helped people (based on their feedback) with many skin ailments, aches, and pains. When you are buying from Elixinol, you can rest assured that it will work:

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Pachamama CBD Creams

Pachamama is one of those innovative companies that would make any industry better. They looked at the industry and came up with solutions to enhance the customer experience. So, they began to focus on single-origin hemp, or get their source from one farm, instead of multiple farms. They also employ a proprietary air extraction method that is USDA certified organic – so you know you are getting the real stuff.

Their CBD topical balms are expertly mixed with ingredients that enhance the effects of CBD and what they are designed to do. Pachamama’s CBD creams are award-winning for a reason:

CBD FTP Dark Salves

No matter what CBD product list we do, FTP is going to be there because they apply their raw, uncut, and unrefined methodology to all their products. Their is nothing like dark pure CBD oil mixed with the right ingredients to target pain or calm skin inflammations. These CBD creams can be extremely potent, and their ice variety is highly rated by users. As alway, each batch is 3rd party tested to prove potency and purity. These topcials were made for the people!

Bloom Hemp CBD Creams

Bloom Hemp is a newcomer on the scene, but the founders have a long and deep understanding of CBD and the industry as a whole. They control the process from seed to table, meaning that they farm the hemp, cure it, extract the CBD, then formulate it into their different CBD products. Now that’s a dedication to quality. They are also one of a handful of brands that have their hemp certified organic by the USDA. Bloom products are a must-try, they also have zero-THC versions of most of their products. Check out their CBD Creams below:

You can’t go wrong with any of these products, especially that they are already highly-rated and vetted. Furthermore, the commitment these companies have to improve customer experiences is what separates them from everyone else.

We now have over 100 CBD products from over 12 CBD brands and counting. Thank you for making the CBD Online Store the largest and best online CBD store. Buy CBD online with confidence from the best brands backed by 3rd party laboratory tests.

CBD Wand

Want 2X the benefit of CBD Creams? then you have to try this CBD Wand. You can buy it here.

The Best CBD Drops (Tinctures)

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CBD drops are one of the most popular ways to get CBD into your system. There are many reasons for that, such as the ability to accurately measure a dose and the flexibility in administration, for example, under the tongue, in liquids, or foods.

With so many different CBD drops and tinctures in the market, what sets the great ones apart? As we covered in our how to buy CBD online article, great CBD products start at the source, but it is also about company culture and their dedication to research and development.

Why is R&D so important? Because it means that there is a culture of injecting profit back into making better and more effective CBD products. It is also important to understand other ingredients and how they can be used to enhance the CBD for specific purposes, such as sleeplessness or anxiety.

That said, here are the best 3 CBD brands bringing you the best CBD drops (tinctures):

Pachamama CBD | CBD Oil Tinctures

Pachamama’s hemp is cultivated from Mother Earth in the colorful state of Colorado. Nurtured with pure Rocky Mountain water and an abundance of sunshine, they go far beyond the standard to source only from single-origin hemp. This means, from seed to bottle, they use the same strain and family of hemp plants in order to create consistent and reliable products – every batch, every time.

They have a variety of high-quality CBD oil tinctures utilizing patented air extraction technology. You have to try one of these (or all of them) formulas out!

CBD For The People (FTP) | Dark CBD Drops

CBD FTP is one of the most popular brands in the CBD Online Store. Their CBD vape cartridges are known to be one of the highest quality in the industry. But, they are also known for having CBD products that are uncut, unrefined, and raw. This ensures that their products are potent and rich in cannabinoids and natural terpenes.

When it comes to their CBD Drops, FTP applies the same philosophy. All their tinctures are uncut and unrefined, which is why the CBD oil is so dark! Their tinctures come in a variety of flavors and terpenes to better match your individual tastes.

Bloom Hemp | CBD Drops

Bloom Hemp is a great example of our dream CBD company. They have their own farms, named Bloom Farms, and cultivate their own hemp plants. They also extract the CBD and other cannabinoids all themselves. It is a true farm-to-table product. Bloom was also one of the first companies to get organic certification for a CBD tincture!

We carry their best products, which include proprietary blends of cannabinoids and other natural ingredients to enhance their stated purpose. You cannot go wrong with Bloom Hemp.

Nu-X CBD | Tinctures

Nu-X CBD has a wide variety of high-quality CBD and other cannabinoid products that are competitively priced and contain zero THC. Their CBD tinctures come in great flavors, just in case you don’t like the taste of hemp.

If you were ever on the fence about CBD, these CBD drops are good place to start. At $9.99 for 250MG of CBD, they are definitely worth a try!

Best CBD Tinctures Backed By COA

As always, all the products in the store come with Certificates of Analysis (COA), and are backed by 3rd party lab tests, which you can check on our site, or directly with the CBD manufacturer if you want to see your specific batch test. CBD tinctures offer a great way to try CBD if you are new to them, because they have a decent bioavailability coupled with the flexibility of use

We hope that this article on the best CBD drops was informative. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the products in the store.

And while we build the largest and best CBD Online Store, we can’t do it without your feedback. So please let us know how we are doing.